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Thread: Anyone floated the Salcha river in late June?

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    Default Anyone floated the Salcha river in late June?

    How's the fishing? Did you see a lot of bears? How remote is it?

    I want to do a drop off float hunt, I know June isn't the best time for bears, but it's the only time I'll have this year. I want to do something remote, see wildlife, maybe harvest a black bear, and I'd like to do some fishing, any ideas?

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    Default Not so remote...

    It'd be a beautiful float. Since it's out of Fbks, but not hours away, it gets a lot of use. There are also quite a few private cabins along the way...ranging in size & amenity from falling down, to basic, to small mansions.

    In a canoe you could start way up there...60+ miles. It is probably will see a bear or two. A friend of mine took a very nice grizzly up there 2 summers ago.

    Have fun...


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