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Thread: PWS Blackie!!!

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    Default PWS Blackie!!!

    Okay Folks -

    Flew in to an island in PWS, buddy of mine picked me up in a skiff, and we were motoring back to his house. About a mile down the beach, before we even got to his place, was this beautiful boar, right out on the beach, already eating a chum. He dropped me off, and I put a short stalk on. Ranged the shot, 239 yds. One shot, .325 WSM. Bear never even got up. Not bad for my first Blackie!

    So, here's the advice I need....not heading back until tomorrow. I am skinning, then wrapping hide in a burlap bag, and throwing it in his freezer until tomorrow when head back. Any thoughts on better care for the hide?
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    Congratulations on taking a good looking bear.
    Please say it was a regularly scheduled flight commercial or commuter flight you took to this island. Otherwise......
    The hide and skull must be sealed and both must be unfrozen to do so (Page 24 of the current reg book). The key would be to flesh it as well as you can, skin out the paws, and then salt the hide. If you or your buddy know how, turn the ears, lips and nose.
    And the meat must be salvaged, spring bear is pretty good.

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    Make sure and fold it skin to skin. Keeps the skin from drying out to much and will make it easier for your taxidermist to finish fleshing and such. No need to salt. Yep than after folded and rolled up put in the bag then freeze it. It won't freeze solid and will still allow for it to be sealed. So people actually have houses on some of the islands out there? I have seen only one lodge I think on Knight. Which sub unit was you in?

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    Default Hot DOG, Akseakayaker!

    Did you practice this spring or consume a bucket of aspirin prior to taking that shot? 239 yards means you've beaten BUCK FEVER!!!

    Sorry folks, inside joke.

    Congrats, man. He looks like a keeper...


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    Default Just got back

    Yup, It was a regular flight, so no worries there.

    Not sure of the sub unit, was out by LaTouche. Will have to check in the reg's. Ended up covering the skin with burlap, then rolling it up to the skin isn't even really touching anything but the burlap. Have the skin thawing out now in the garage, will take it in tomorrow first thing to get tanned. Anyone recommend a good tanner?

    Thanks Ice; shot 5 rds at the range before going down. Yah, fever's gone. Bear stands 6.5 feet. Thinking skull will be about 17.5"? Beautiful hide too, no rubs....

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    Talking Update!

    Skull measured out 17.6; hide squared at just over 6'....not bad for a first bear!

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    Default Trophy Taxidery in Palmer

    Trophy taxidermy in the valley does an excellent job with tanning, along with mounting, etc.... He tans everything himself on location and has been in the business for 25+ years. You can't go wrong with his work. (I have nothing to gain from this post, but am happy to pass along the info for a reputable business.)
    He's located just off the Palmer-Wasilla highway about 1 mile from the four corners.


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