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Thread: Almost a lemon!!!!! Remington 750 woodsmaster

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    Default Almost a lemon!!!!! Remington 750 woodsmaster

    I traded for a remington 750 carbine in 35 whelen the other day. I didn't particularly have any burning desire for it but it was a "good trade" value wise and it would make for a good gun to loan my buddy. I loaded up a couple of boxes of ammo from some tried and true loads I have had for other whelens slapped on my tester scope, burris FFII 3-9, and headed to the range this morning.

    It absolutely refused to feed from the magazine, either failure to pick up a cartridge, or they would all come spewing up into the action. It was very discouraging. I got so discusted with it I even stopped by a local gun shop to see what I could trade it for and almost took a $300 offer on it. The magazine didn't have very much spring tension so I figured I would try it with a new magazine and see if that fixed it, otherwise I was going to take the trade. I found a stainless magazine for it at a local shop and headed back to the range. Problem solved.

    I shot it 26 times with the new magazine and never had any failure of any kind. Accuracy was pretty decent too, groups averaging between 1 1/4 - 1 1/2", 3 shot 100 yards. I was shooting a fairly moderate load of varget with 250gr speer bullet for just over 2400fps. This load had proven very accurate in a couple of bolt guns I have had also.

    Overall I'm pretty impressed with this rifle, it handles like a short 20ga shotgun, quick to point and not too heavy. Accuracy is plenty good for moose/bears at any practicle range and the overall compact length makes it a good fit for across the handlebars of the 4 wheeler.

    The only real drawback I can see so far is no real way to quietly chamber a round. Since I almost never carry with a round in the chamber that could be an issue.

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    I pick up a lot of "lemons" that aren't, mostly because of the prior owner's failure to diagnose and fix a small problem. I'd a snatched yours up in a heartbeat, but you figured out the solution too soon. Ratzz again!

    Good job, and I agree with your insights about the 750. I'll put up with the noise as a tradeoff against that really fast handling. I had a 18 1/2" 760 carbine in 30-06 years ago and foolishly let it go. It was still one of the fastest handling guns I've ever owned, and with 220's I didn't feel any too undergunned in the tight stuff. Your 35 would only be better.

    Lots of guys have formed opinions about the whole range of Remington's quick loaders without ever shooting and handling them. That's good for us in the used gun racks, but bad in the long run for Remington's reluctance to continue the line and offer more calibers. And no, my 760 in 257 Roberts won't be showing up on used gun racks any time soon!!!!!

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    Default Chambering

    Quote Originally Posted by Thebear_78 View Post
    The only real drawback I can see so far is no real way to quietly chamber a round. Since I almost never carry with a round in the chamber that could be an issue.
    Other than everyone elses opinion, develope your own about this rifle. I have owned 5 or 6 of the Remington autos in different configurations and have a great of respect for their ability to perform.
    As for chambering a round quietly, DON'T DO IT! The bolt on this auto is like a Garand and needs to slam home into battery to fire, it just doesn't eat thumbs like a Garand.
    ENJOY your rifle!!
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