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    A good 30 minute hike through rough & rugged terrain, bear country, tundra tussocks & arctic taiga, and I found myself on what would look like a trophy stream for char, grayling, dollies, & when the run is on, salmon!

    The road was paved today & it made the hike a little bit easier, & than previous years to Wilson creek, some 2 miles out of town & on the way to the airport. Pinks, reds, dogs, kings & silvers all call this creek home. Today, the fattest nymph was safe from the clutches of any predator with gills!

    After about 30 mins I see a beaver crisscrossing the river looking for who knows what? It comes closer & closer to my position on the culverts & I double check my side arm for bear protection & decide to let this lil ole’ beaver live, as I don’t have hearing protection & don’t want to spoil the peace of the day.

    My early warning bear device came with me, all four stubby legged, & black coated wiener looking village mutt. After about an hour, I looked behind me & there she was, asleep on the job, content with the warmth of the sun beating down on her black coat, warming her from the slight cool, north wind, keeping the parasites off her & driving her crazy.

    Fly-fishing really is relaxing! Today was a perfect day for fly-fishing, even though there were no bites or fish…slightest north wind to keep the mosquitoes at bay, & not enough to mess up your cast. The sky was cloudless, & she sun shining, & the current just slow enough to allow your fly to float effortlessly while eating the strip without panic.

    I can see why people choose to fly fish, as it’s very relaxing, aside from the occasional bird chirping or crane hooting, or passerby on a 4-wheeler or dirt bike, it was quiet, super, relaxing quiet.

    If there ever were a paradise, today would have been it. It was my first “official” solo fly-fishing ever. With an assortment of flies, from the dry Royal Wulff, to the dry cone headed streamer, to a silver streaker streamer, & a woolly bugger and a bead headed nymph, there weren’t any fish in this hole…however, it didn’t matter…peace & tranquility were the main goal! & As a second thought, trying out my new 7/8 wt rod & reel, equipped with 8wt WF floating line, were the next set of priority, I don’t think I didn’t do to bad. I remembered the 10-2 position & found myself bending my wrist & straightened that out & found my cast to be neatly rolling about every other cast. One thing I did notice, was that the heavier the fly, the better & farther the cast.

    How is it that no one wouldn’t want to fish? Beats me, as this is the next best thing to paradise.
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    Glad to hear you had a great day there, gogoalie. Being a newbie to fly fishing myself I know that feeling of relaxing by yourself on a beautiful day. Last year was the first time learnin' the fly rod. It's a lot different than goin' for bass or crappie but once I started gettin' the swing of usin' the rod & technique the enjoyment settled in. The thought of usin' a spinnin' rod sits on the back burner and intend to use my 7wt on Silvers for the first time this July. To clinch it I started learnin' to tie flies this year, using the down-time after my ankle surgery. Just crankin' out the flies for trout, dollies, char, grayling & salmon and ready to put my "creations" to the test.


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