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    Default Seward Ramp

    Just moved up from S.E. and am planning on going to seward this Sunday just curious on how it is to launch at a minus tide at there ramp. thanks in advance for any info
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    Default I have only launched there a couple times

    but t is a nice long ramp.

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    Thumbs up Long but does have an end.

    Seward has one of the nicest launches I have been to. It has lines on the asphalt for guiding you back and also has a marker on the floating dock to show you the end of the ramp. I have launched many times at low tide. Dropped the trailer off the end, which is very mild, and floated the boat off. Recovering on a low tide would be a little tricky. I usually make sure I come in on an imcoming or high tide. Good luck.
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    I've heard of people launching at low tide (maybe a minus tide) at the north launch, backing their trailer/boat off the end of the ramp and breaking their trailer. Generally not a problem at low tide, but you still have to know where the end of the concrete ends and judge for yourself.

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    I have used the main ones countless times at very low tides with my cd 22. It was a snap. I wouldn't worry about it one bit.


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