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Thread: Recomended spare parts?

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    Default Recomended spare parts?

    I have a 150 Yam 4 stroke it has just over 80 hours on it. I have a spare set of plugs and am fixing to buy a spare prop, what other on board spare parts are recomended?
    We spend time out in Prince William Sound, have a kicker, and are usually with other friends and their boats.
    Probabbly a dumb newby question, but I need to know.
    Thanks, Rob

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    Default maybe over kill but....

    I would recommend spare hardware to install the prop( nuts, bolts, pins, ect.) Maybe a spare water pump? Spare fuel filter, do you have a water seperator? I'm not a yami owner yet, so I don't know the details of this motor, but those are what I carry for my 2 stroke.

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    fuses for motor and boat, oil filter and oil, some of the oil filters have been stripped when over idle(bad batch). prop hardware,prop wrench. have over 200 hours on my 115 and have gone through all these parts. be sure to keep up on preventitive maintenance. yamaha motors have very little problems with them, from what has happened to me. enjoy the sound.definatley keep spare fuel filter and keep water out of water seperator, check it regularly. i also keep some hose and hose clamps/couplings on my boat. jeff

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    I would say the safest thing to do would be to bring a spare outboard. Which is why I bought a cd 22 with twin engines.....However, a kicker will work just fine to get you back in if conditions allow. If the conditions don't, you will be glad you have one to get you to a cove, bay, or other protected water and safety, rather than attempting (you are not going to be very successful in these conditions) at working on your broken main motor. Certainly all the things that have been mentioned are good ideas. Happy boating

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    There was a thread on here not to long ago about a yamaha losing a coil.That may leave you stranded...

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    Default YEP, the coil thread was what prompted this

    Thanks for the responses folks.

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    Default Spares

    Fuel filter! Seems like most of the problems that I've seen or have had could have been taken care of with a quick replacement.

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    big anchor and lots of chain so you can stay put while trying to find the problem & fix it.

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