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Thread: Big Agnes tent review......

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    Default Big Agnes tent review......

    Well I didn't get any of the tents I was looking at. I was at sw and saw the "big Agnes seedhouse II", yep, I bought it and used it this weekend for a 5 day trip. I LOVE IT AND HATE IT! First off..........


    If this is a 2 person, the other person better be a female or I am not sharing! Very small for a 2 person.

    Zippers are very "dainty", one should be careful with them, not that I had a problem but they feel very breakable.

    If it wasn't for my wiggy's bag I would of froze my arse off. I can't imagine being up in the mountains in October goat hunting and having a snow/wind storm kick up for a day or two, zero protection! The whole thing is just mosquito netting. (*note: I didn't think about this before I bought it.)

    Rain fly needs to go all the way to the ground. (within a inch or two)


    Very light weight. 4.6lbs.

    Sturdiness, once set up it feels like a nice bomb shelter.

    Setting up takes about 2 minutes, very easy and fast.

    I'm not to sure this is what I will settle for, still torn on selling it or keeping it.

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    If you're looking for tents in the four pound range, I would look at some of the Hilleberg models. They're a lot more sturdy and roomy.
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    Some of the "Modern" tents are nothing more than some light weight netting with a rain proof fly over them. I went with a Hilleberg that was a 2 man for solo hunting. I am not looking back, worrying or having any regrets.

    Now to get the fat off to make me more light weight!!!

    Matt M


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