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Thread: How long will there be decent reds in the Russian?

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    Default How long will there be decent reds in the Russian?

    I was wondering about how long there will be decent reds in the Russian since there are still some coming up the Kenai?

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    I have seen fresh reds in the Russian in September. It is rare but it happens. Last week, there were plenty of fresh reds. However, unless Fish and Game extends the season, the Russian closes for reds on August 20th. So, you better get your red fishing on the Russian this weekend, I know I will be.

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    When the Russian closes for Reds, does that mean you must avoid fishing for them or only that you must release them?

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    If you fumble through the regs definitions of closed waters you will find that you are not to bother the fish in any way, which includes pursuing them by C & R.


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