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Thread: Suggestions for self-guided fishing in SE

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    Anyone have any suggestions for a fishing lodge with self-guided fishing in SE? I'm thinking about getting some guys together for a fishing trip in 2009. We are after coho, halibut, and rockfish, with the possibility of landing a Chinook. So we're thinking about mid to late August.

    There are plenty of places, but I'm looking for any recommendations or suggestions based on personal experience. I've done a search, but didn't come up with much.

    This is the type of place I'm looking at:

    I'm sure there are others. If anyone has any suggestions, lemme know. Thanks.

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    Default Green Rocks Lodge

    Call Tim at Green Rocks Lodge in Petersburg. Self guided right on some great king and silver fishing, close to halibut and lots of crab. He supplies meals, boats, and bait at a real reasonable price. Do a search and you can find his website

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    Green Rocks was a blast last year. Heading back again this year. It comes highly recommended. More info if you need it.


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