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Thread: Minto flats once again

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    Default Minto flats once again

    I want to revive the Minto Flats thread as I have a few more questions. I am running a 1860 with a 60 hp jet. I have fished Minto many times from the village, but I want to try the Murphy dome side or come in from Nenana. From the guys that have done the Murphy dome, what size pike did you encounter? I have fished the Chatanika from the Elliot side and have never been impressed with the size or numbers. From the village I would say our average size was around 28-30 inchers with a few 40's and numbers around 100 per boat a day caught (never really tried to keep close track, so don't take this as gospel). Does the Murphy side compair? Next has anyone gone in from Nenana? How long of a trip, how much fuel, what number/size of fish. I don't hide honey holes or baits, so if any one wants to know where/how I have fished from the village, I am glad to share. I just want to try the flats from another angle.

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    The best fishing is the stretch of river between the confluence of the Tatalina and Chatanika downstream to the slough that is about 2 miles downstream of confluence of the Chatanika and Tolovana. I have always gone over Murphy dome because it is more fun to drive the boat than drive the truck plus you can run up Goldstream creek and fish and there is another slough farther downstream that is good.

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    Default Murphy Dome rRaod

    How is the road dwon to the Chat. from Murphy Dome. I would like to put in there but heard the road was washed out?

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    A link to another post on Minto access & road


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