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Thread: What hook types for fishing beads on Kenia ?

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    Default What hook types for fishing beads on Kenia ?

    What brand, item/serial number, hook size do people use for fishing under beads on the Kenia ? What type of lead weight and size should I use with beads ?

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    Default Hooks and Size for Trout?

    If your talking trout, a buddy of mine fishes that area every year and is up there right now. He is a guide down in the states and his company trades a lot of trips to AK so he knows his stuff. He uses a #6 or #8 in Red or bronze Gama. egghook and 3/0 wieghts. I am heading up in 3 weeks and am taking with me those sizes. I also purchased many different egg colors but he mentioned that the best color is orange painted with white translucent nail polish. I would suggest that your wife buys you the polish to avoid the funny looks at the check out! Best of luck.

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    Thanks for the info lv2


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