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Thread: 600 Yd match come and shoot

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    The Alaska Rifle Club will hold a High Power Mid-Range Prone match at Ft. Richardson's Pedneau Range on Saturday, May 31 with a sign up time of 8:00 AM and a match fee of $20. This will be a 45 round for record match with 15 shots for record at 300, 500, and 600 yards. Sighters will be allowed. F class will also be welcome at this match. Mid-Range Prone is slow fire loaded singly and shot off the sling. F class is slow fire loaded singly and shot off a bag, tripod, or bipod. F class also gets special targets with really little X rings. Both Mid-Range Prone and F class can be fired using scopes or "Any Sight" as the rules state.

    Lee Watne

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    Is it OK to use cans (supressors) in F Class?

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    NRA rules govern, check the web site for the F class rule book.


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