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    Hey all my wife and I are heading into the Nancy Lake area this weekend for some canoeing and a bit of fishing. We are going to do the little canoeing trail between the lakes including going in and staying at Lynx lake overnight. Does anyone had any suggestions on which lake might have the best chance of success for finding the fish. I heard that area is mostly Pikes which is fine by us (never caught a pike before). Since this part of our trip is focusing on the scenary and canoeing (we are doing Kings in the Lil Su the second half of our trip) we won't be doing any long bits of fishing but I think if I can get us somewhere that the bite is hot my wife might pause from the scenary and do some fishing which would be great in my book.

    Also any rigging suggestions for a first time Pike fisherman would be great.

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    Default Lynx Lake

    You should be able to find pike right there in Lynx lake. Fishing should be good now. Pike are pretty agressive right now and will probably hit big dardevil spoons, crocodile spoons or something similar. If you don't have a problem carrying some frozen herring in with you that would do the trick too. On a hook under a bobber. Most of these fish will be found in somewhat shallow water along the weedbeds. When you portage into Lynx, there is a good weed bed off to your left when you put in to paddle over to the cabins. Good luck. Oh, I think there are some trout to be found just beyond Lynx in Char and Owl lakes. Check your map


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