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Thread: Homer fish processingnad other ?

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    Default Homer fish processingnad other ?

    I will be fishing in Homer for three days this weekend, kings and butts. Is there a place close by that is recommended for packaging and freezing.

    Any fishing reports?

    This will be my first time fishing kings in the Homer area. I assume it is the same as kings in Juneau, slow and deep. Slow roll for cut plugs behind a flasher. Any and all hints appreciated. This will be my first king season on the new boat.

    We are staying at one of the cabins in Halibut Cove Lagoon. Does anyone know if there is an outdoor BBQ grill? I will pack the charcoal but if there is a grill I will not pack mine.

    I am glad summer finally arrived.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Homer's big one...

    Coal Point Processors will pretty much overwhelm you. They offer full services...

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    I'll second Coal Point...I've had a lot of fish processed there, and when in Seward at Captain Jack's...I have to say, the bags from Coal Point have always been neater, cleaner, and more evenly sized pieces. I'm not sure if this is because I usually fish Homer in May/early June, when less fish is coming in, and Seward in July, when TONS of fish are being processed (and the processor may be much busier)...whatever the case, Coal Point has always returned to me a fine product that lasts until the following summer.
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    Default About Coal Point...

    I do all my fish packaging at Coal Point too, but keep an eye on how much fish you give them, and how much you get back, sometimes they do take a few packages..... A buddy of mine used to work in there and he said some employees would just take packages at will somtimes.
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