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Thread: Wheres Sutton?

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    Default Wheres Sutton?

    The only place I currently ride at is Knik/Jimcreek. I would like to try a new area and was wondering were Sutton is located and how its like there.

    thanks for any replies.

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    The "town" of Sutton is about 15 miles east of Palmer, on the Glenn Highway. You turn north (left) on Jonesville Road, and go about a mile or two. The, off to your left, there are two wide roads, which lead back to an old quarry, which is where most people park. This area is also called Slipper Lake. 61-43.919N, 148-55.542W.

    At the west end of the quarry is the Buffalo Mine trail. This goes through the woods for about 8 miles to Buffalo Mine Road. GPS recommended. Trailheads are 61-43.669N, 148-55.746W at the Slipper Lake end; and 61-42.368N, 149-05.741W at the Buffalo Mine Road/creek crossing end.

    At the north end of the quarry, there is a road leading uphill to another old mine.

    If you return to Jonesville Road and turn left (north), soon the pavement ends and the road becomes deeply rutted. Then you will see a prominent road off to the left, heading up the hill. This will eventually lead you to Eska Falls. Again, having someone who knows the area or has a GPS is recommended for this area, as there are lots of side trails. Coordinates for this trail...
    A. Point where the trail proper splits off of what's left of Jonestown Road: 61-45.007N, 148-65.583W
    B. First mudhole: 61-45.163N, 148-54.531W
    Between the first and second mudholes is a steep hill, which was deeply rutted and very difficult to get up several weeks ago.
    C. Second, or "black goo" mudhole: 61-45.767N, 148-53.942W.
    D. Eska Ridge Jct. Note--there is another trail which leads up to this point (but for which I don't have the coordinates). Many people prefer to climb using this alternate trail, and then return via points C-B-A described above. 61-46.197N, 148-53.866W.
    E. Eska Falls. 61-47.023N, 148-54.281W

    The area is quite popular with ATVers and dirt bikers, particularly families with small riders (partially because you don't have to cross deep creeks), so on a weekend there should be plenty of people to ride with or follow around.

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    are they ever going to remoe the "L" from the vandals that attacked the sutton sign? it drives me crazy they havent fixed that in years.

    Semper Fi!

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    I tried to get to Eska falls yesterday with my kids. Be prepared for lots o deep mud and take a guide. I never found the falls, ran out of time. It was a ton of fun but very muddy in many places. As soon as I get my winch on and I have a reliable guide (or maybe without one) I'm going again. One more time, be prepared for very deep, stinky, black, wonderful or not, mud. I ended up wet to my waist.

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    There will be a group riding out at Sutton @ 10 on Sunday. Look for a yellow Dodge can't miss it !!


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