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Thread: Bird creek trail

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    Default Bird creek trail

    First time in the forum but would like to know some info on the bird creek trail?? Difficulty, how far can you go back and just where the beginning of the trail is located.
    Thanks for any help.

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    The trailhead is at the end of Konikson Road. See the above thread for discussion of an avalanche which has blocked part of the trail.

    Also, when the salmon are running, this place attracts a lot of grizzlies.

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    I've been going back in there for the last 2 weeks on the wheeler, the slide is not a problem at all plus you can go around it as well. The trail goes in about 5 miles or so then becomes very difficult to ride, lots of rocks and roots with a couple of nasty little hills. I don't really care for that trail but it's the easiest way for me to get back there to hunt brown bears. If you get in as far as we did you will hit a spot where you can no longer ride, there's tree's all across the trail and are way to big to move and you cannot get around them.


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