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Thread: Kayak/Shoreline Fishing in Day harbor

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    Default Kayak/Shoreline Fishing in Day harbor

    I will be sea kayaking in Day Harbor in mid July for 5 days. I will be in and around Safety Cove up to Ellsworth Valley. Does anyone have any suggestions for catching fish? What type of tackle (I have a medium action setup I use for bass in the lower 48 with about 15lb line), what will be biting at that time, what areas? I dont plan on fishing from my kayak very much and will likely be fishing from shore? Are there any stream,lakes that are good for fishing? Lowtide/high tide?

    Basically looking for anything and everything as far as suggestions.

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    Smile day harbor

    I shot ya a pm of what I have caught there. silvers are there also I'll give ya more info when I get home to my charts

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