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Thread: Aniak River boat pick-up

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    Default Aniak River boat pick-up

    [I posted this previously on the Rafting forum, but received no responses. Apologies for those who've already read this.]

    We're planning a DIY trip on the Aniak River for this summer. We'll fly in to the upper river, then get picked up by boat on the mainstem river below the Kipchuk/Salmon/Aniak River confluences, to get shuttled back to Aniak.

    Can anyone recommend for a reliable person in Aniak with a big enough boat(s) to haul 2 rafts and 5-6 guys back to town?

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    Aniak River Guides, sorry I don't have their number

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    Thanks, but Aniak Air Guides won't do it unless you also contract with them to do a drop-off at the upper river. Anybody else?


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