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    Last year I wore out a front tire like in the attached picture. Noticed the wear on a trip to Homer. Replaced the tire and made about 6 or 7 trips to Whittier and did not notice any wear. Made my first trip of the year to Homer over the weekend and the new tire (and rim) is showing the same sign of wear. The trailer is an EZ loader 1722 dual axle. I know this is not rocket science but are these axles repairable? (By whom and wear?) There is no sign of any kind of hit or dent in the axel or torsion bar, hub spins free and no wooble. Am I looking at replacing the whole axle? The axle is held in by 2 bolts each side with no kind of adjustability. Any help would be appreciated.


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    It could be that your axle is out of alignment, meaning that it is cocked. One way to fix it is to measure from the back of the trailer forward and make sure you have the same measurement on both sides.

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    I've measured and everything seems to be square. I'm thinking the problems is in the torsion arm itself.There is no looseness I can detect. None of the other tires show any sign of wear. If the axle was cocked the other side would show wear I assume.

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    What I believed to be no adjustability is in fact adjustable.. The U-bolts that I thought were just to hold the fender on, also hold the axle bracket. Measuring for squareness as I did seemed to be ok. But when comparing the front axle bracket in relation to the rear, on both sides there is an obvious 1/8" difference which could be causeing the problem.
    Thanks for your help.

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    I've got the exact same trailer and have the same problem. I measured the location of the axles and squared them up a little which seems to have solved the problem. Either there is a problem with the EZ loader trailers or the way Dewey's puts them together.

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    To measure the squareness of dual axles you would measure from the front right spindle to the left rear spindle and the same for the other two spindles and want them to come to the same number if not he your out of square.

    When you speak of your axles being out of square to a service tech or a manufacturer for warranty reason's this is how it would be done even with the two axles out of square from the trailer frame a little the single point of connection with the ball will drag them straight if they are square with each other.

    Make sense? I had to see the measuring layout the first time to get it as and RV tech up here you see alot of trailer's out of square


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