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Thread: Upper Chena Grayling Report

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    Default Upper Chena Grayling Report

    Thought I would post another Chena report.
    I fished the popular roadside spots. The day was great. Lots of ducks out and about. Saw one eagle and lots of the two legged wildlife. Started fishing at 8:30am to around 4:00pm. Here's the run down.
    First stop was no fish, but I had equipment issues. After re-rigging my leader connector in the car, I moved on.
    Second stop, water was too low and slow to drift nymphs. Tied on a caddis dry pattern. Caught three. Came to a large eddy where a side channel met the main channel.
    Tied on a Thunder Ck streamer, caught four, lost a couple more.
    Third stop, started with the streamer, but fish started rising to a small hatch. Went back to the caddis. Caught four more. Lost two. The caddis had to be on an absolute dead drift. No drag at all. Had one fish that just would not take the dry, so I switched to a pheasant tail nymph. Results below.

    When released, it stayed right at my feet for about a minute.

    Last stop of the day, found a spot where a side channel mixed with a the main channel and the fish were stacked. Caught several fish out of the side channel, but at the end I hooked three fish that popped my tippet because they darted out into the current as soon as they were hooked. I counted ten fish in this tiny little hole. Ended up landing and releasing four of them.
    I'm limited to four pics, so here's two more.

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    hey good job its my first summer here in Fairbanks so its good to learn where the fish are.

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    VERY nice fish! I just love Grayling.


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