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    Had "booked" a charter out of whittier for Saturday - had been talking to the owner (who was oddly in New mexico). Had a weird feeling - no required down payment and it just didn't sound locked in so after three conversations with the owner and finally getting the captain's cell number (owners son) - I called on Friday night. John (son) stutterred in a almost drunken like manner and said - WHO? Er, Uh, can I call you right back? Sure. Calls back - I have a full boat and no record of you guys on my boat. After a few choice words - we decided to look elsewhere...and luckily found a boat for Sunday - so we drove down to deep creek on saturday - lookin for bars (the hairy kind) - did some clamming - mmmm, up almost with the sun (does that thing ever quit shining?) and down to the tractor launch.

    It was 5:20 and the big boats were coming back in - no launches going out. So - whittier we got blode off - and deep creek we got blowed off - -

    Must not have been meant to be. If anyone wants the name of who I will NEVER be chartering out of whittier please PM and I will let you know.


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    went out sinday and the water was flat. very little wind, clouds were low but i was nice and peaceful. caught a few yellow eye,a nd a SMALL butt, but we came back and picked up my 1 shrimp pot and had 42 large shrimp. sun came out in the afternoon and it was a great day. sorry you had a bad experience with the charter. hope you get out soon and have a great day fishing. best of luck and tight lines.jeff

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