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Thread: Replacing anodes on outboard

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    Are there any tips or tricks I should know about to replace my anode bar on my Yamaha 40 TLRS? It looks like a straight and simple bolt on, but the bolts on each end are in a "cut out" that don't look like they hold the bar on but just line it up, and the 2 bolts in the middle of the bar don't bolt onto the motor or frame at all. Just the bolt head on one side and the washer and nut on the other. It almost looks like you place the bar in between the bolts on the end and tighten up the middle bolts to "smash" the anode to stretch it out to hold tight with the end bolts??? I know this sounds weird, but it looks weird... I will go and take it off this evening but after giving it a quick look yesterday I figure I would see what you guys had to say... Other then "it sounds like a dumb ass"...
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    Make sure you have a good tight fit, and I would clean the area behind the anode with a steel brush. After you have install the anode check the resistance from the anode to the motor to make sure you have a good connection.

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    Not hard to replace at all. Also take a look how they are set. On one of my engines it's offset a couple of degress and the oter is straight on. I take a digital picture before I took mine off so I could look and see where to set it.
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