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Thread: Dipnetting - timing

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    Default Dipnetting - timing

    Still more cheechako than sourdough, I've only been dipnetting once, last year at the Kenai. Learned a lot.

    But I still have questions for this year. My employer actually asks for notice that I'm using my vacation time (I hate it when work gets in the way of fun), and I don't know what to tell them. I see the timing of last year's run, but wonder:

    -> Will this summer's run of reds be late, since our spring ran a few weeks late? Or don't the reds care about this?

    -> Is there any way to know when the commercial guys will be out there, either to know this now or just before I go?

    Thanks for any help. And sorry to make my first appearance here with my hand out. At some point I might know enough to have answers for other posters, but right now I know the least of any of you about just about everything-outdoors. I've been an avid reader on this forum, and this is my first post.

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    Default A great resource

    The Ak. Dept. of Fish & Game has a fantastic website with all kinds of information. This one link will turn you on to everything you could want to know about Kenai River fisheries:

    The run timing seems to be pushing back towards August, compared to years ago, but I think it's doubtful that a short-term event like a late spring will have much of an effect.

    The commercial openings are often a last minute thing with little warning, so check the announcements before you go and hope for the best. We've got to fish when we can, right?

    (I've got to put in my vacation requests for the year before Jan 1, so I know what you mean about long-term planning. For dipnetting at Kenai I try to make it July 23-26, somewhere in there, and I think later would be better than earlier.)

    Good luck!
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    Default That's easy

    July 20th is a sure bet for Kenai or Kasilof. When the southwest wind turns the fish from the center of the inlet; they usually "blow" in after that. If you are really hankerin for some sockeye and kings; the middle of June on the Copper will usually do.

    good luck
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    Default ADF&G Broken Links???

    The links to the Kasilof River Personal Use and Kenai River Dipnetting both take you somewhere that doesn't appear to be related to dipnetting on the Kenai or Kasilof. I seem to remember more detailed info in the past that included maps and other useful info. Was I dreaming?

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    That's it, everything you need to know can be found there, I guess I just didn't look hard enough, not sure how you found it... I needed the refresher

    Thank you .

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