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    Default Little Sue Report

    Just returned from the Little Sue. Didn't see or hook anything but the lady running the fee station said 6 were caught yesterday and 6 were caught today.

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    When I left at 2PM there had been 4 caught today.

    Not exactly hot fishing.

    We started fishing at about 7AM.

    Even though I had been working on the boat until 1:30AM to set it up for backtrolling the kids did not want to do much backtrolling. They kept asking to fish from shore.

    Between changing lures nonstop and untangling lines we did not do that much effective fishing.

    I did finally give in to the kids wishes and let them do as they pleased. Which had more to do with playing on the beach than fishing.

    Overall we did have a blast for our first trip to the river.

    We did get a couple bites though while anchored in one of our favorite spots. We had a tug on a Spin-N-Glo behind a jet diver and I had a king grab on to a Kwik-Fish while I was rigging up another rod. The boys both tandemly said "I saw its tail!"

    There were a lot of trailers in the parking lot but I did not see that much boat traffic on the river.
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    I left at 6pm and 10 were caught,ohh and I was not one of the chosen but it was still great to get out>


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