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Thread: Denali NP, please help

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    Default Denali NP, please help

    Hello everyone.

    I just registered today on this forum, it looks really cool.

    Im a 19 year old guy travelling alone from Europe to Alaska this summer. I really want to go hiking in Denali NP, and camp on one of the campsites in the park itself. My first question is if anyone has had experience with camping and hiking in Denali.

    My second question is if anyone would be interested in going camping and hiking there with me? Ive heared great things about Alaska, and Im looking forward to it very much.

    Please help me and if anyone has other good ideas for going hiking and camping in Alaska, please let me know on here on you can e-mail me at: .



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    The best thing about going into Denali is that you don't have to stay in the camping areas. Go get a camping spot at Ridley camp ground right at the entrance. Set up your camp. Go check into the Backcountry Access office and go through the process of getting a back country permit. Choose which section you want to go to. Have a back up section in case your section is full. Keep in mind you have to get at least 1/2 mile from the road AND out of site of the road which in some sections can be a long distance. They will show you a video, give you a talk, give you a bear resistant food container and take your information. Then go buy a camping bus ticket all the way to Wonder Lake. The next morning, pack up your pack and hop on the bus and they will drop you off at your section. When you are ready to come out you can just hike back to the road and hop on the bus.

    Here, I'll copy and paste this from one of my old blogs.

    I'll give a brief over the sections I've been to.

    Unit 7: Upper East Fork River

    Expect a minimum of 7 or 8 miles of hiking before being able to get out of site from the road (a requirment for camping in the park). The river is mostly braided but there were a couple of places that required a wet crossing. It's next to the Sable wildlife closure and even this section was pretty torn up from grizzlies peeling back the grass and lots of scat. If you can make it to the glacier this is a cool hike. Hiking with a pack, on the river bed, is slow going if you want to prevent a sprained ankle. Here are my pictures from that trip.

    Well their (Denali National Park) website seems to be down at the moment so I'll do my best at remembering the rest of these. These are hikes on the Sanctuary River and the Triple Lakes Trail. The trailhead to Triple Lakes is actually outside of the park entrance but goes into it. It's about 12 miles long. Sweet hike on pretty trail. Sanctuary River is nice with lots of opportunaty for side hikes. It was a major forest fire year so these pictures are pretty smoky.

    Section 33 will always be special to me as it was my first trip into Denali and was also my first solo trip ever. I had left my husband the year before so here I was, proving myself (to myself). This is a good location to hike though there was a bit of a bear encounter that scared the crap out of me. The trip report and pictures are here.

    My best trip into Denali. Section 34, 4 days, Grassy Pass, mile 68. It's a bit of bushwacking off the road but after that it is mostly, well, a grassy pass. There are some nice climbable mountains at the edge of the section. Bring extra socks as there is a lot of wet tundra. I took a friend that had never done any real hiking/camping before and it was fun as she was so excited. Here are the pictures from that trip. Denali was out and I had my morning coffee with her.

    Quick drive into Denali in April 05.

    Quick hike on the Savage River Trail in May 04 with my kids, in the rain.
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