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Thread: Airplane salvage (theft, really)

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    Default Airplane salvage (theft, really)

    A post in another thread reminded me of a topic that I have always been curious about, after reading some bush flying books and seen some more recent newspaper accounts...

    What is up with the Alaskan culture of fly-in thieves who believe that crashed or disabled airplanes are like sunken ships in international waters? I've flown throughout the US and this is the first place I've heard of such a thing? If I ever suffered the misfortune of misjudging a sandbar, these jack***** would get more than they bargained for when they landed thinking it was unattended; but as fellow pilots I would expect better and feel I shouldn't have to post an armed guard on my plane to prevent some pirate wannabee from helping himself to my avionics or crankshaft, but hey, that's just me. Anyone have any insight?

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    Default Still happens

    My partner got a ride out, got tools to go back in and salvage. The next morning the engine was sawzalled off at the mount and gone. 24hrs.
    I'm with you. I'd like to catch someone doing it.

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    There are jackass's were ever you go I think it just a more know fact up here what some of it may be worth before the camera's at Hood alot of cowlings came up missing and I'm sure a fair number still do.


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