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Thread: Spring vrs. Fall Interior Bear Hunts

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    Default Spring vrs. Fall Interior Bear Hunts

    I understand lots of folks hunt bear in the spring just after they emerge from their winter dens as their winter coat hair is long and makes a good bear skin rug or mount. Is a fall Interior bear (either Grizzly or Black bear) less desireable due to shorter coat hair (transitional -summer to winter coat)? Thanks for your comments.

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    It's all in the eyes of the beholder. Spring bears do have fuller, thicker coats, but what are you looking for? Personally, I love being out hunting in the fall and enjoy the overall experience just a bit more. If you go late enough - mid-September or later - the coats will be plenty nice. On a side note, the claws are generally longer in the spring too, as they haven't been worn down from digging around all summer.

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    Default spring hunt

    a little fresh red meat and a reason to go hunting in the spring is plenty motivation to spring bear hunt. it's more of a squeeze in to schedule in the fall for many of us.

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    Default spring vs fall

    as well as slightly longer hair (slightly thicker fur) a spring bear also has a greater chance of having a more uneven coat - "rubbed" is the term. some bears come out of the den rubbed. a fall bear's coat will usually be very even and unrubbed. look through all the pics showing up of spring bears, any that have an extremly light strip from the nose thru the forehead are mostly that way from hair loss. you may also see it on the paws & front legs. on blackies, it shows as a brown color & on brownies it shows as tan or blonde.
    spring bears, in salmon country are usually edible (tastey). fall bears that feed heavily on fish are ppretty much unedible. fall bears that don't have access to a setady diet of fish and mainly fatten on vegatation (berries) are however, very edible.
    spring hunting is probably 50-50 baiting - spot & stalk.
    fall is about 100% spot & stalk, with a lot being taken while hunting for other species.
    either spring or fall will produce a trophy, but unless you're willing to pass on bears that are rubbed, fall will provide a more even rug (on average). JMO.
    if you love to hunt, it really don't matter.

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    Default spring bears vs. fall

    I agree with everybody above. The spring hunt needs to be done early right after they come out of the den. That many times means ruff weather and if you miss a little on timeing you may get skunked. Just came back from a spring hunt on Kodiak the first week of May. The bears were just coming out and we saw one that was rubbed bad. Of course the weather was kinda bad, Kodiak normal I was told. Best hunt of my life.


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