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Thread: Salmon Shark fishing

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    Default Salmon Shark fishing

    If anyone is doing this trip and need an extra person. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Let me know. i would love to go. Lost two at the boat five years ago in Cordova on SeaSound Charters and havent had the chance to get back and land one.

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    Wow, i sent an email to Orion Charter and there Booked up for the year.

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    Default Orion

    I talked to Orion at the sportsmans show and he said he quit doing shark charters. Too much pressure on them. We have a trip booked with shark tooth charters on Aug 3. I will report back with out catch. I can forsee some stiff regualtions on shark fishing in the near future.

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    Default Correction

    With Our CATCH i MEAN.

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    Default try the open seat

    forum. id opt to go if you split the cost with me but ill be up north working this summer and wont be available. since you have hooked into a couple, your knowledge would be valuable to someone im sure has the tools but no experiance and would love to split the costs.


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