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    Default airboat props

    I am in the design process of building an airboat for myself. I was looking to hear some opinions on different props. Two styles I have been looking at are the Whirlwind Stump Puller and the Warpdrive. They both claim to deliver the same things ie: less noise and good performance. I believe some of you out there have used both. Please give me your assessments. Also feel free to discuss other brands of props. As I mentioned before, I am still in the design phase.

    Thank you

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    Default Airboat Props

    Hi there whirlwind props are good props the warp drive work good to water walker are good, the warp drive if you get around them you will find they sound like a bee but they do have push but on the other habd if you want to get in your cage and work on your engine you will have problems, with all those blade there is no room to get in there, I sell the whirl wind props the one thing you need to now when building your boat what size motor are you going to be running what size reduction unit do you have how large of a boat are you going to be running are you going to have a cab our a windsheild down lowe. give me that info and i can suggest what would work for you. my name is skip my number is 907-322-3291 our 907-488-9081


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