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    Default The Handgun forum...

    This Handgun forum is one of the best I've seen. Many here enjoy it and many regulars here have seen it's ups and downs. I want to voice a word of thanks to all who have stuck with it from the beginning and help make it what it is. Many of us on here are long time handgunners with a few years of experience but, speaking for myself, I can always learn a new tip once in a while and I get that here.

    It often does receive many questions about handguns for bears and that serves to interest many Alaskan visitors as well as long time residents. The forum isn't about bears but bears are welcome subject matter because of their interesting relationship with handguns. I've heard many comments from visiting fishermen about folks carrying handguns along the rivers in this state, pro and con, of course.

    I do appreciate all each of you contribute to this forum and ask for your continued support to make this a better forum. We do see comments from time to time that result in some editing here and there and of course that editing results in more comments about censuring, usually in the form of PM's, etc.

    Any public forum, newspaper, or magazine will reserve the right to edit for content to publish only what the editors see fit to publish. That is, in and of itself, subjective. It does not allow you the reader, to see what the editor doesn't want published. Just as we never see fishing stories in Golf Digest or hunting stories in Vogue, this forum also is edited for content on occasion to keep the path of subject matter related to the title. This will at times go against certain posters and readers, it is none the less necessary in order to keep the subject matter more pertinent.

    Also, the owner of the site has set certain standards of content and conduct and he has asked us to maintain those standards on all these forums. Many other forums may allow certain comments that will not be allowed here. I want to also give a word of thanks to all who have helped to maintain this standard and so doing have helped to keep us n track and make this a more family friendly forum.

    Thanks to all of our regulars and new members for such a great forum.
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    Default Applause Please!

    When we finally cross paths Murph, I owe you a beer. Or a cup of coffee. Your choice. Very well stated.

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    Default Great forum.

    As a newcomer to guns and shooting in Alaska, I have appreciated the blend of technical expertise and experience of the regular contributors here. Reminds me of the best campfire discussions; sometimes arguments, that somehow remain constructive and respectful.

    Also kudos to the Moderator. Thanks.

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    Default Agreed

    A handgun forum populated by a lotta Laskans, overseed, by Murphy, has been really helpful, as well as, interesting.

    I especially like the threads that relate to Beeg Bore handguns, and Bears.

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