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Thread: Any King reports from Willow or Deska yet?

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    Question Any King reports from Willow or Deska yet?

    Any King reports from Willow or Deska yet?

    I am planning on going to Willow on Thursday morning.
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    I was up at willow chasing bows yesterday and did not see anyone fishing for kings. Water was still pretty low and getting real dirty with all the rain up there yesterday. Bow fishing was slow. 1 landed and 2 hooked over about 6 hours. Worked from the mouth up. Did not see any big fishes moving up either and even though it was a bit murky im sure i could see a king coming up
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    Default deshka

    my friends in anchorage took there annual memorial weekend boat ride to the deshka saturday..
    said they seen at least ten kings caught,they didn't fish just sat around and drank some beer.

    i see that ADF&G --,& AOJ has there weir counts up for the deshka, but so far nothing has moved through, and i have been hearing from others that they have been catching kings there for at least a week, i wonder if the ones being caught are just coming in to the mouth for a little rest and to rinse there gills out, then heading up stream in the big su.

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    Default Deshka

    Here's what I have so far for the deshka...some of the first fish were caught early this week and a couple in the 40lb range on wednesday. It has been fairly slow up until yesturday where i guess it picked up a bit. This morning the reports were slow again but people were coming out with fish. Some of the guides are taking clients out and the ones I've talked to have caught kings. I think it will continue to be hit or miss for a couple weeks till more fish show up in bigger numbers.

    Trolling with kwikfish and wiggle warts was the most effective early in the week but that is probably too difficult with all the boat traffic now. Vibrax landed a couple fish this morning and I haven't heard how bait is doing.

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    Default Water Conditions?

    Anyone have any reports on the water levels on the Deshka/Big Sue and the condition of the launch at Deshka Landing?

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    Default water conditions

    the launch is in really good shape right now...the area got much larger after the retaining wall was removed. Boats of all shapes and sizes are heading out. Some guys were complaining they could not get to their cabin but i dont know where or what they were driving and that was before yestruday's rain which i would assume brought the water levels up.


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