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    I just got back from shooting an import replica 1851 Confederate Navy 44 cal revolver. I picked it up in a trade and it's been sitting around for years. It has a 7 1/2" octagon barrel, so it's not a pocket pistol by any means.

    What a hoot! Yeah, it was messy sealing the chamber mouths with Crisco, and yeah the loading was tedious. And yeah, I still have to clean it up.

    But I'll be shooting it lots more, that's for sure. I won't be satisfied till I've whapped a few bunny heads with it, but until I get lots more practice those bunnies are going to have to be REAL close.

    Anyone else shooting one of these or similar?

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    I've had a Ruger Old Army .45 cap & ball revolver for many years. I rarely take it out anymore. What I do remember is that unless I used real black powder, most shots are annoying hang-fires. Are there any new substitutes that fire easier? Pyrodex was always worthless with this gun. I haven't done any muzzle-loading for a long time and need to get back up to speed.

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    Hmmm. I was using Pyrodex P and ignition was instantaneous. I picked the nipples between loadings, so maybe that helped. Were you using P before or the slower RS? Caps were Remington #10's, BTW. I've got a can of 3f real black and was going to give that a spin next time. Thinking about ordering a conical mold eventually, but I want to get it dialed in as well as it's going to do with RBs first.

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    I used Pyrodex P with #10 Remington caps. A couple of years ago I tried some other kind of new-fangled powder - can't remember which one - and it was even worse.

    Maybe I need to start with a fresh set of nipples, caps, and powder. My supplies are getting pretty old.

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    Just got back from shooting and doing a few more experiments. I alternated 6 shots of 20 grains Pyro P and 20 grains of Goex 3f for a total of 48 shots. I only had two slow fires, kind of a very brief lag between pop and bang rather than one noise. They came near the middle of all the shooting, and there was one each for Pyro P and Goex 3f. Don't know what that proves except that my Remington #10 caps are OLD. When I popped a cap on each empty cylinder before starting the whole shebang, I noticed quite a range of sounds between the six caps. Probably a very good indicator that it's time for new caps.

    I rested my elbows on the hood of my truck and shot at 35 feet. The Pyro group was slightly lower than the Goex group, indicating that the Pyro was somewhat hotter. Also, the fired caps would come off the nipples when I cycled the action using Pyro, but not with Goex. The ram also dropped down on about every third shot with Pyro and not with Goex. And as you migth guess by now, the Pyro was a little louder and recoiled a little more.

    Only problem was the groups were 6-8" high at 35 feet, while right on the money left to right. That means I'll either have to put on a longer front sight or shorten the rear one if I want them to land at point of aim.

    And the best news was the group size. With that makeshift rest, all of them ran in the 2-3" range. That's plenty good for bunny busting, but the hand behind the gun is going to have to sort itself out if the gun is going to live up to its potential.

    But I'm gonna do it, because that thing is FUN to shoot. I can see this thing being at my side on all my hunts with either my 32 or 36 cal rifles. Nice to have backup if one of them charges me. Or if I miss with the rifle.


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