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    Default AL's SHRIMP

    Here is another fly that I have used a lot.

    One of my dads friends showed me this fly in Montana.

    Obviously it is rediculously easy to tie as it is just a wooly worm body with olive drab chenille. It is a good fly to use because it does not cost a lot in materials and it works.

    I have only done any good with it in lakes but have caught a few trout on it.

    It is tied on a #6 nymph hook and is weighted. I have made smaller ones before but this seems to be a good size.

    My best day of flyfishing was with this fly in Montana. I went out with seven or eight of these and only my fly rod with 6# leader. I caught ten rainbows and let the smallest one go. I kept the other nine as the limit at that time was ten rainbows in lakes. The weight of the nine fish was 27 pounds.

    It was late April and the wind was blowing like mad. I had to get out of the water several times to warm up. The ice was receding on the lake. I had 52 bites and dont remember how many of those were hooked but I finally had to leave without getting my tenth fish when I broke the last fly I had off on a fish. I caught ten fish and lost eight flies so I had at least 18 fish on.

    Just about the only other flys I use for trout are Zug Bug, Hairs ear nymph, wooly worms, muddlers or sculpins and egg clusters.

    I always complained there was no good trout streams around here but I have been shown the errors of my ways by a friend who used to tag fish for the fish and game. He has pulled nice fish from Willow Creek and a bunch of the other Parks streams.
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    Default Can you make a...

    Corn fly? Or how 'bout a shrimp that looks cooked? or a white ball of dough looking fly??? :P


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