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Thread: Fishing from the Flagstop rail

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    I am looking into the flagstop rail out of Talkeetna and was hoping someone on the forum had tried it before. It looks interesting and a fun way to get my family to a more remote section of river without miles of backpacking or paying for a flyout. Has anyone tried this and what are the best times of year for different species? Any help would be appreciated, I am looking to take my wife and two 7 year olds so I need to have a good idea of how difficult the experience will be. Thanks and enjoy the holiday weekend.

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    The last time I did this was about 10 years ago. Then it cost a buddy and me $16.00 each, each way from talkeetna to Indian river. We took a two man cat and all our gear for a few days and floated the Indian from the upper railroad bridge down into the Big Su and down to the railroad bridge there on the Big Su. I think you would have a pretty difficult time floating it this time of year, because it's probably pretty low water.


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