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Thread: Light compressable warm synthetic jacket

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    Default Light compressable warm synthetic jacket

    I am looking for a really light weight, warm synthetic jacket that is compressable like a down jacket but no down. I have been looking at the Mountian Hardware chugach jacket, anyone have any better opinions? Not looking to spend an ass load on it, which is why the chugach catches my eye!

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    Default packable, light, warm jacket

    I've never tried the M.H. so I don't know anything about it. AMH
    ( might have one you can look at. I bought a Patagonia DAS parka there. It was expensive ($240) but it is an amazing jacket. Mine is black, but I found this site that has them in green and for less money. I never thought I would spend that much on a coat, but it is worth it.
    You might want to watch ebay for one, too. Good luck.

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    Default DAS

    I also bought one of the green DAS parkas from Diamodback, and l love it.

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    Default Jacket Options

    Another option my be the Wiggy's Sweater.

    Approximate same price as the MH Chugach, very compressible, warm, and fairly light weight.

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    Go take a look at the Barren Ground jacket designed by Marc Taylor and built by Wiggy's, could be just what your looking for.

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    Default Mountain Hardwear

    I use the Mountain Hardwear Alchemy jacket. Windproof and extremely warm. I don't go hunting without it.

    The retail for $240 , but I have seen them on Sierra trading post for $140


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