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Thread: my first bear

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    Default my first bear

    I've heard a lot of stories about guys having trouble with people messing with their baits or setting up right next to them but I've been fortunate because I've had a great time without any issues. The bait has been getting hit a lot here lately and I was luckly enough to harvest a nice bear on the 3rd night of hunting.

    So there I was sitting in the stand going thru all my gear and then I hear a crack and I figured it was another squirrel because if I didn't know better I'd think they were trying to rally the troops and over throw my stand becuase they are occupying with force! But when I peaked over the railing there he was starring at me with the expression of...."ugh....excuse me buddy, but I'm pretty sure you're at my station"

    I was wanting to harvest him with the bow but if I would of tried to get the it off the ez hanger he would of spooked for sure so I grabbed the 44 and and made a good shot at 25 yards. He didn't make it 20 yards before he piled up and it was all said and done at 7:00 PM

    the bear taped out at 5'6 with a really nice coat

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    congrats on your first bear and you told the story even better, highlights, to the point then stories don't need to be drug out forever, you nailed it!! with a handgun even, thats pretty cool!!
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    Default Fine first bear


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    Right on! Thanks for sharing.

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    Great job man! Good call on using the handgun, hard to get the bow into action when they know you're there.

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    Great thanks for sharing.

    I was into squirrels big time when I would moose hunt around Fairbanks. That place definately has a large squirrel population.
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