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Thread: Silver Salmon in Seward in July

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    Default Silver Salmon in Seward in July

    I am coming up next year and will have a July 16-18 free and wanted to know if the Silver Salmon will be in Resurrection bay by then. Also does anyone know any good Salmon charter boat capatians out of Seward who is good with Silver fishing? Thanks For all your help. You guys are great!

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    Default Silver Salmon in Seward in July

    July is my favorite month to fish Seward. IMHO, you will be there at a near perfect time. I take the month of July off to fish there-I like it well enough that I bought a house in Seward - it is a great little town. The Derby is in August but I like July better. There are a number of good charter operations to choose from and they fill up fast, let me know if you want some recommendations.


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