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Thread: July/August fishing?

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    Question July/August fishing?

    Hello all,

    I am headed to AK for work July/Aug. What should I fish for, where should I fish, and what tackle should I bring?

    Thanks in advance-


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    Default where

    at in AK are you moving to?

    silvers will be starting and kings will be ending. You need heavy gear for the kings - I use a kenai special lamiglass - think it is 8'6" rod and I have it strung with 30 pound mono with a decent sized Penn spinning real. I have an 8 weight fly rod that i will try to catch silvers with.

    Do a search on here and you will find more reading than you can do in a long weekend about tackle and such.

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    we need more info. are you wanting to fish salt water or fresh water? halibut will be getting hot, ling cod will be available. salmon will be running depending where you go. trout and grayling are available, it all depends on what you want to do. if you are looking for a charter i would call now just to see if there are any open seats. also there is an open seat section on this forum that you could check. jeff


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