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    Not sure if anyone has been watching The Alaska Experiment on The Discovery Channel but I caught it last night and I say that many of the contestants are using Barney's backpacks and all the guides helping out on the hunts were using them too. Almost all had the Pinnacle pack - some in cordura and some in kevlar.

    Just an observation that I found interesting.
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    yeah I noticed and that is the one drawback to watching the show, my pack will not be ready to pick up for another few weeks and I have to watch that group of dimwits stumble around oblivious to how nice their gear is! Add to that the same group has pack rafts which I wasn't able to fit in the budget this year...

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    Talking no doubt

    The alpacka raft is pretty ****ed cool. I must admit, it makes me proud to see these nitwits struggling to survive out doing the pursuits that I (we Alaskans) do for enjoyment!

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    If I could get a Barney's for free like they did i'd take one in a heartbeat. You know they didn't buy those packs or any of their gear, their too clueless to know good gear from bad. I'm sure Paul Clause told them what they needed.


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