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Thread: Fall bear techniques?

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    Question Fall bear techniques?

    I am going to try some fall hunting for black bear in two different areas and was wanting to try something other than spot and stalk. I will be bow hunting. One area is coastal and has several small salmon streams in it where I have seen bears feeding on salmon in the fall. Baiting is not allowed but could a tree stand along the stream work? How about some predator calling? The other area is dense forest without many openings--not many good areas to spot from, but I have seen a lot of tracks in the area. If anyone could recommend something to try or recommend a predator call that would be great.

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    Default bear calls

    Look at woodswise bear calls. They have one for spring time that makes bear sound (exhale boar inhale sow). They also have a predator call that does not take as much effort as some of the other calls I have used.


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