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    Just had my first son on Monday so my old bait station was too close to town. Everything is good at the homefront so now its bear time. Anyone with some good suggestions it would really be appreciated. If you dont want everyone to see you can PM me. Thanks

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    Id really appreciate some help guys. I just went out on winter trail yesterday out by Salcha. It was flooded most of the way and I had to winch out 2 times. Im putting in the time im just really behind schedule. Please post a reply it can be just a creek or an out of the way place no specifics needed. Just anyhelp would be great.

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    as far as trying to pick a place I'd just look for a place that has a water source nearby...maybe some blue berry patches and the most important thing make sure you're not working your way into someones area. If I was you and I was trying to find a new place I'd go out at a popular time like tonight when most people are hunting and get an idea as to where people are by seeing parked trucks...etc.

    or if you know a friend who has already shot a bear maybe he will let you hunt off his

    good luck,


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    thanks for the reply. Ive got the real basics down its just finding accessible areas that dont have a stand every mile or so. I know thats the problem up here but sometimes people know of ok places, that arent over hunted.

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    Default you got a wheeler?

    Well if you have a wheeler, just get off the road a ways and you shouldn't have too much problem. I'd just get that stand up and runnin. Times a wastin!
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