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Thread: One boot only for moose/bear.What ones?

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    Default One boot only for moose/bear.What ones?

    I am considering a new pair of boots for hunting and need one pair to hold up to most general Alaska conditions. Have been using hip boots and am considering either ankle fit hippers or perhaps Muck boots. Any recomendations on what are waterproof, and comfortable/supportive enough for general hiking would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Ankle fit hippers are generally what I wear but you can get hot wearing those things all day. If you can find a good breathable hip boot with ankle support I think that would be your best bet, though i'm not sure if anyone makes them. Muck boots would work too though they don't go above the knee's so if you had to cross a deep creek it may pose a problem. If you find something i'd be interested to know about it. Good luck in your search.

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    Default LaCross

    Makes a 'just below the knee' boot as well. I have a pair that I have used for two years now that are awesome. Feel like a tennis shoe to wear, spent 9 days on Afognak two years ago and used them to hike probably 10 miles day avg. They are really nice. I crossed rivers that ended up being higher than the boot top, but one can snug the top of the boot up against your leg, and surprisingly no water got in the boot! I did cross quickly once it went that deep, so I am sure that helped prevent water from getting into the boot.

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    Default Crossing shallow streams in shorter boots

    Buck Nelson, in his Alone Across Alaska; 1,000 mile of Wilderness trek, - did this handy thing...snugging his rainpants over his boot with velcro - then crossed streams, sort of like akseakayaker described without getting wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AkHunter45 View Post
    If you can find a good breathable hip boot with ankle support I think that would be your best bet, though i'm not sure if anyone makes them.
    Along those thoughts, an option might be to get a good quality breathable hip wader with a stocking foot and a set of wading boots. There are some pretty decent quality wader boots that do offer some decent ankle support.

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    Default Lacrosse ankle fit

    I decided on some Lacrosse ankle fit hippers. I have breathable chest waders so I didnt feel the need to duplicate those. I figured they would serve a purpose on fishing trips as well. They also come in handy digging the wheeler out of mud holes. Thanks for the input. Grizzly hunting tomarrow, I'll report back on my feelings about the boots.


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