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Thread: Commuter fisherman take another hit...

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    Default Commuter fisherman take another hit...

    The nation's largest airline, American, announced yesterday that begining June 15th, customers will pay for all checked baggage, period. The first bag will be $15 and the second will be $25.

    Heads up! That means passengers will be cramming those overhead bins to the max. It also means that a precedent has been established, and that other carriers are sure to follow the pattern.

    A commuter angler to Alaska can't fight any of this. I'm one of them. Here's what I have done to cope with weight.

    1. My checked bags are nylon.
    2. My waders are breatheable with seperate lightweight river shoes.
    3. My apparel is in nylon and polar fleece.

    Even my backpack is in nylon. Heavy cotton is being ditched. My carry-on roller that fits in the overhead bin is now a very important item. My bundled break-apart rods will go in the overhead after it is filled, and will be the first items taken out.

    It's getting tougher all the time. I'm having to get smarter all the time just to keep up with it...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"

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    That's why I make the three day drive to South Central!!!
    I can carry all the stuff I need plus the stuff I may need. It's also no cheaper to fly for me. Living in Yellowknife has some disadvantages, but the positives outweigh them. Currently a flight from Yellowknife to Anchorage is between $1500 and $1700 That's the equivilent of 300 gallons of gas or a conservative estimate of 6000 miles range in my Honda Pilot. So I can get to AK and drive all over for a month on what it costs to fly there!!! Plus I don't have to pay all these extra fees, rent a car for a month, buy stuff that can't fly with me like camping gear and bear spray.

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