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    Default Tent and stove combo

    Please accept my apologies if this topic has been previously discussed, I did search to no avail.
    I have a quick question. My body is looking to get a tent+stove combo for October hunting. There will be four guys at the most, with two weeks’ worth of food and gear.
    Can you give me some pointers? I know he’s been eyeballing Kifary Tipi’s, but I am sure there are others on the market with similar products in the same ballpark as far as prices go.
    His main concerns are as follows:
    - Relatively easy to setup (1 person would be ideal)
    - Relatively fire-resistant ( as in doesn’t go up in flames if a spark escapes)
    - Good water repellency
    - Weight consideration.
    Any help, suggestions or pointers are appreciated. Please feel free to suggest non combo items, i.e. stove from one manufacturer and tent from another. Thanks much in advance.

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    What do you consider heavy? How cold do you expect it to get and where are you hunting? The tepe designed tents have their following and definately are hard to beat when weight is a major concern. Check out TiGoat as well they have recieved great reviews and they sell a very light weight wood burning stove. I have a Cabelas Alaknak II and a Cylinder Hunter model stove. The package is close to #100 combined total but very roomy and comfortable for a lengthy late season boat or ATV base camp in an area with plenty of wood for heating. If you think it will be very cold or you just want an absolutly bomb proof tent then check out an Arctic Oven. I have stayed in both my cabelas and the oven to -20 and colder and the oven is the only way I will do it again! It heats with a propane buddy heater to the the point that it is down right comfortable in a t-shirt lounging and playing card to pass time durring the extended winter darkness.

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    I was about to recommend Titanium Goat too, but someone beat me to it.
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    Ti Goat

    I just got back from a 10 day brown bear trip in my Ti goat vertex 8 it was great full story to come soon.

    check this out I will be doing a full page on the hunt and gear soon.


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    Right on! Thanks a lot gents. I will definily check out Ti Goats.

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