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Thread: 4" RedHawk Cross Draw

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    Default 4" RedHawk Cross Draw

    Any suggestions on a cross draw holster to be worn at belt level for a 4" redhawk, I don't like thumb snap/break but it needs to have something retaining the gun. Shoulder holster and chest holsters will not work for me because I will be wearing a pack/shoulder straps and have a 10X bino on my chest.

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    I own that same model and use the "sourdough pancake" from Simply Rugged. This is pretty much the only place I buy holsters from now.

    Check here:

    There is no retention strap but the revolver is extremely secure. The leather comes up pretty high on the revolver to provide retention and protection to the firearm.

    You can order one with both the strong-side and cross-draw slots cut so you can wear it both ways. Either way it rides very comfortably.

    Its also made in Alaska so that a plus too.

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    Many of the hip holsters are also slotted for cross draw. I have a customized 4.75" RSRH that I carry cross draw on a gun belt. Given the unusual barrel length, I had a Bianchi leather holster cut down and finished off (Bootcountry in Anchorage did it for me). My pistol fits perfectly above the waist belt of my back pack, and is in a very handy place. I am very happy with it.


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