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Thread: 14-16 June Float Trip Reccomendations

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    Default 14-16 June Float Trip Reccomendations

    I had been planning a float trip on Kroto Crook/Deshka from for a four day weekend on 20-23 June for Kings and rainbows. I have to work all that weekend now and can not go. I have the 14,15,16, a three day weekend open. Any suggestions on what rivers to float? I was thinking maybe the Gulkana, but haven't done any research on salmon runs, length of float, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Get mahays to run you up river and drop you off on the Talkeetna. Float back at your pace. lots or trout waiting for the salmon.

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    Default Fish Sourdough Landing to the Bridge

    Gulkana Sourdough Down. You can turn this trip into 3 days and fish it hard. Normal is about 2 but three is fine if you are fishing hard. Timing is good for the 1st part of the run Kings. Gryaling and Bows will be bouncing around with Smolt-out ending in the same time frame.

    When we run our over-nites it takes 30 hours with rafting and camping.

    Three day break down -

    Day one - Sourdough to two -three bends below Pop. Grove. there is a sign at the Pop Grove launch and people will be doen there fishing so it is hard to miss. Just go down a couple of bends and you will see some nice camping areas.

    Day Two - Three bends below Pop. Grove to just above the Gulkana River RV Park you can't miss it small island and the main river current narrows and if you do you will come to a small bank with tons of rocks on the camping side and see the RV park pull over and camp one bend above the park if you miss the first one.

    Day Three - One bend above the park to Sailors or the Bridge.

    I now the directions are not the best sorry I do not have my GPS on hand so can't shoot those to you from here.

    Best of luck! Tight Lines

    Blue Moose


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