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Thread: dollies in the surf

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    Default dollies in the surf

    Is there a preferred tide for fishing dollies in the surf. Never done it but would like to give it a try. I would think just before to just after high tide would be best but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance

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    Default Dolly Days

    I have whacked dollies at Myrtle Beach regardless of tide. I have encountered them at depths anywhere from six inches (shoreline) to over my head, (as far as I could cast out). I would wail them on 1/2 oz. to 3/4 oz. Pixees.

    I cut on shore (bring a board), and then soak the fillets in the saltwater of the beach to firm them up prior to consumption.

    This area is my personal favorite because seldom are there many persons around and it is a great picnic spot.

    Beware the fox and beware the eagle! Leave your catch out in the open and you will get ripped-off for sure.

    Beware the incoming tide! It moves fast and if you lay your backpack on low ground you'll find it underwater.

    If there ever was a spot to strike a campfire and roast fish on-a-stick above hot coals, this is the place...

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    Default So Pixees work, how about flies?

    If a guy were to try fly fishing for them in the surf, what might be a good fly to use? Clousers? Or would this just be a pointless endeavor?

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    I have caught Dollies on the Homer spit with no regard to tide. If the tide is high then the fish can sometimes be right alongside shore.

    The biggest one I have caught was 24" and I got it on a 3/8oz crocodile. Have caught them on rooster tails rapalas vibrax and small spoons like swedish pimples and another favorite of mine is a gold phoebe made by acme lures. The 1/16 or 1/8 size will catch all trout anywhere anytime if they are on the bite. There I done gave away my favorite trout lure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scrivz View Post
    If a guy were to try fly fishing for them in the surf, what might be a good fly to use? Clousers? Or would this just be a pointless endeavor?
    I fly fish off the spit in Homer anytime I go down and the weather keeps me from launching the boat. I have had most of my success with silver streamers. Think needle fish. Longish, siverish, and I prefer a few wraps of lead under the body to help get it down quickly. I also use a rather quick stripping action. I have had the most success at low tide where I could cast out far enough to get to a couple of "known" holes just off from Land's End. You will normally see several birds right off shore in that area. They know where the baitfish are... FYI I normally catch more Irish Lords, Cod, and Flunder off the spit then dollies especially if I put down the fly rod and start throwing bait out there. Hope this helps...

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    Default Several Needlefish Patterns

    AK Fly Guy is right (as usual) regarding needlefish. Here are several patterns that can easily be modified to match needlefish and pacific herring. Both are very effective fly patterns in the surf for dollies, pinks and silvers (especially in Kodiak). The aforementioned clousers should also be a great fly choice.

    Surf Candy


    Good luck.


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    What type of lines are you using? Something like a RIO Outbound???

    I wonder if one could fish poppers on an Outbound line for resident or close-in cohos in the salt over there?

    Either way, that looks like fun! Sure wish I would have thought about doing that when I visited the Homer Spit.


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