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Thread: First time out in 2 years (Seward)

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    Default First time out in 2 years (Seward)

    Me and a buddy took the boat out to seward sunday evening and the weather was alright.
    We got up the next morning around 8:30 made it to the launch around 11:00. Went ahead and started the motor and it wouldn't run with out a battle. After adding lots of heat to the tanks and sampling as well as draining them some, we managed to have enough courage to make a run for it.
    15 kt. wind and 3 ft. sea weather report wich i went to the harbors report cntr to see in person.
    Backed out of the dock and half way down port engine dies, we drift to back of large boat docked. After the help of a guy that worked on that large boat and buddy we had it tied up next to large boat on dock.
    Managed to get it running (cut short) and we did a couple laps around just outside the port and figure a way to keep it running. Headed to Fox Island and it was a bit of a slow and rough ride. Went around the island buddy caught a yellow eye. Almost got a picture of it but it didnt want to wait. Was a bit cool and breezy out there and the boat handled well at slow speeds (10-12mph). There was a few times i had got it going 24 mph or so and it was a really rough ride. All was a start and i've already bought more projects for the boat during the return trip home. I'll get her dialed in before long.
    I can't seem to be able to post pictures.

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    What was wrong with the engine?
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    Default Engine problem

    Well i beleive the actual problem was condensation build up in the saddle tanks. I was deployed for 15 months and left the fuel tanks half empty. One tank is still in need of drainage so i'll have to get that done soon. We managed to use one tank after we siphoned from the bottom of the tank into a 5 gal. can. The new water seperator helped alot. Motor ran fine once we figured out the problem. Just had a late start on the water when we came across those issues. Managed to take it out a little late so the ride was slow going due to the chop.
    I run a outboard jet so the extra 5 gal. i left in a can, was used about 2.5 miles from the harbor when we ran out on the way back in. Would of been nice if the other tank was water free.


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