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Thread: Fairbanks Black Bear near Roads?

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    Question Fairbanks Black Bear near Roads?

    I was wondering if there were any good areas for black bears near fairbanks that were accessible from the roads. I would be willing to bow hunt if the haul road has any near it. Just looking for a general direction and any advice anyone would be willing to give.

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    Default try again

    Are there any black bears to be found on the lower half of the haul rd. Are there any good units close to fairbanks for black bears. Would prefer spot and stalk with a bow? Any advice would be great?

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    Try Chena Hot Springs road towards the end or the Steese hwy past the ski area. get off the road a little ways and start glassing the berry patches on the hills. Shouldn't have a problem finding one, most guys are out moose hunting and pass them up.


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