Well folk's it is that time of year again and I am out doing way to many things. ONe of them as always is working with Sportsmans Warehouse and providing free fishing seminars as well as Free Fly Casting Lessons. Nothing Fancy about 4 hours in total covering the Parks, Richardson Hgwy fishing as well as the Kenai "just a little".

No strings, No Blue Moose Promo, No Sportsmans Promo just information with a one hour Fly Rod casting clinic. We cover Spin and Bait casting set up, Rigging your gear, terminal tackle etc.. Methods, and Timing for Salmon, Grayling and Trout.

Next one will be in about two weeks. I believe the one coming up will be a Weds or Thurs Night from 5:00 - 9:00PM in Fairbanks

Fairbanks Sportsmans give Scott a Call for more details on the date.

Notice the word Free no strings promise no one is selling gear, trips or trying to promote one thing or another.

Tight Lines Best Wishes hope to see you there.

Blue Moose